Yes, I’ve determined to #StickWithIt. The hope of the world is Jesus and He is my hope, my strength, and my life. Yes, sometimes it seems hard and I can feel hopeless, but what I feel is not reality. Only the Word of God will prove true in the end. I’m saying #YestoGod.

Blogger Loves The King

Yes-Week4 BlogThis week during our study of What Happens When Women Say Yes To God by Lysa TerKeurst, one of the blog topics is #StickWithIt, and for us to share moments when we felt like we could not do it anymore.

I absolutely love leading a facebook group for these studies.  Of all my ministry life and all I’ve done, this is the one thing that brings me great joy not only in my group but also in our leadership group.  So much love, honor and respect for one another and talking about sisters – you bet – I have lots of them and can share anything with them.  When they tell me they are going to pray for me, I know they will.

Two weeks ago, God blessed us with our first grandchild, a son.  Colt was born with a very rare skin disease called EB.   That day as…

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