Be Intentional

I totally get this. I too am looking at ways to “Be Intentional” in my life. I want to make changes for the better. I’m setting short-term and longer-term goals in the areas of: putting God first, maintaining healthier eating habits, being faithful in exercise, and feeding my mind good food daily. These are all things that will not only make my life better, but will enable me to serve other better.


I have been hearing God whisper to my heart: “Be Intentional”. It has been a few months and that whisper continues. I have looked at each piece of my life and I see somethings that I really need to focus on. Primarily, I am taking steps to focus on God. I have been making myself busy…trying not to think…trying not to feel. God created us to feel and think. He created us to draw close to Him.

Father God, 
           Help me to draw close to you. Help me to be intentional in my relationship with you. Keep my eyes on you…focused only on you. Fill me with your love and peace. Help me to grow in you. I desire to go deeper…for you to search every part of me. I long to feel your grace in my soul. May you help me to be intentional in everything you call…

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One thought on “Be Intentional

  1. WOW back at the begging of the month I heard God clear as day tell me Orenda it’s time to get intentional. I was not sure what that meant but I knew God would show me just what He meant. God Bless SIS 🙂

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